The new site has launched!

You might notice that the club website looks completely different now. That's because we've moved to Drupal.

With Drupal, building pages is far simpler. But more importantly, Drupal allows club members to contribute to the website. Once a club member is registered with our website, they can comment on pages and use our forums for discussion.

If you're a club member, register now and then send a message via the contact page. Your club "membership" will be confirmed by the club membership secretary and you will be assigned special privileges on our website.

People who are not club members are permitted to register with the website. Non-member users will not be able to see some club specific pages (like magazine back issues and event announcements) but will be able to post to some of the forums and make comments on articles.

Try it out now and let us know what you think by contacting us via the contact page or catching Steve C or Anthony at a club meeting.

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