Club meeting - October

Club meeting Sunday 30th OCTOBER. Meeting venue The Riccarton Community Centre. Most of the parking is to the left of the building but there are parks behind and to the right, there is also parking in side street opposite. MEETING STARTS AT 7pm, Hall opens at 6.45pm, SALES AREA is available for those of you that would like to trade among collectors. There will still be light refreshments at the break during our meeting. The Door/Supper entry is $3 per person. RAFFLE TICKET PRICES HAVE GONE UP TO $2 per ticket. Apologies for the increase in the cost of Raffle tickets but as you will all be aware you get a lot less for your buck these days, so we’ve tried to keep it value for money and interesting. There will be an awesome MEAT Raffle for the raffle prize tonight so bring some extra coins along. ITEM OF THE NIGHT - COLLECTABLES: ITEM BEGINNING WITH THE LETTER R, anything from Royalty to Rattles, Rugs, Records. BOTTLE OF THE NIGHT: BOTTLES RELATED TO WHISKY / GINS/ BITTERS. Come on bottle collectors bring along something to share the story of this favourite and once vibrant category in our shows. NATIONAL SHOW IN HAMILTON. The show was an outstanding success and there will be pictures posted in our newsletter and the National Show page of this website. Thanks to the team from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION for running the event without these dedicated collectors the show would not have been the success. All hard backed copies of our book have sold out, but we have had printed a limited number in soft back, these are available at $70.00 plus $12 post. All enquires to Helen via email or the contact page of this website.