August newsletter & update

As you will be aware we were scheduled to hold the National here in Christchurch September 17-19 and as you can imagine the organising team have been watching the regular Govt updates at 1pm and 3pm to see where the country is heading with regard this latest Delta outbreak, and sadly Fridays announcement was not good at all for the running of the National in September, even if the South Island drops to level 1 by then we need the whole country here to make it a National event. So, we have decided to postpone the show and are trying to secure another date later this year to hold the event, we are currently awaiting confirmation from the YMCA. I can say there was not much available as you will recall we had a lot of trouble securing a three day venue initially and this late in the year the dates available are very limited we are trying for a November date, hopefully we will have confirmation notice out to everyone as soon as we have confirmation of availability from the YMCA. As we have invested so much into the event so far to date, we need it to go ahead. UNEARTHED The launch of the book will be postponed to the new date for the National and we are still hoping that the printer can fit us into their deferred diary bookings with the effects on his business also under the pump due to the weeks of closure. We have had a fantastic up take of pre-orders and we would love to be able to hand out copies in person rather than incur additional costs of postage to everyone across the country – so fingers crossed. COMMITTEE MEETING AUGUST As the committee has not been able to meet due to the Level 4 restrictions, they have been busy ensuring we have covered all the necessary items on our agenda for the month. Some of you may have received a phone call from the committee checking on you and ensuring that you are ok a kind of wellness update – thanks to Craig and others NO AUGUST MEETING NIGHT THIS SUNDAY Due to being at Level 4 we cannot hold the meeting so please stay at home in your bubble and let’s hope we can meet again in September FACEBOOK & SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS There are many affiliated groups for those who are computer savvy on Facebook and these help pass the time in Level 4 lockdown; all you need is a Facebook access Christchurch Antique Bottle & Collectables Kiwi Vintage Bottle Collectors NZ Remembering Christchurch Old NZ Photographs House of unique NZ Clay Pipes Crocks, Bricks and Chimney Pots Vintages Signs and Advertising Collectables A Blast from the Past Christchurch Antique Bottle Collectors NZ Pubs Past and Present NZ Bottle Collectors NZ Advertising Packaging and Ephemera And the list goes on but that should start you off and keep you occupied as there is not a lot to keep you attracted to the Television Screen these days Magazine News Hugh has been working tirelessly on the magazine and was ready to go to print this week for this weekend’s Club night, this is not to be, and we will have the magazine printed as soon as we are able. There will be an email version ready and that will go out shortly to all on email, we will send the printed version when it is able to be printed. SHOW ENTRIES It is not too late to send in your entry, we have had a great response from throughout NZ I know you leave it all to the last minute but let’s think 100% positive here and the show will go ahead albeit at a later date so during this lock down time dust off the collectables and bottles put together a wee display and send me your entry there are a few metres of sales tables left at this stage all the booths are sold well done Bruce and David ANOTHER SHOW CANCELLED DUNEDIN SEPT 11th For those of you that were going to do the double this show is cancelled for the third time. KIWI AUCTIONS BOTTLE AUCTION The National Auction will also be postponed coinciding with the new show date. Lets be positive, and those of you that are part of the essential work force stay safe and let it be known that your fellow collectors are thinking of you and appreciate the work you are doing to keep the country going every little effort goes a long way to keeping us all safe. If you have any comments or questions re the club or the upcoming Show, please don’t hesitate to make contact.