Club meeting - May: Annual General Meeting & Social Night

The formality of the AGM is only a small part of the meeting and it will not take the whole evening, so the outgoing committee have decided to include a wonderful supper spread of hot savories and cakes etc to form part of the social night. As a club we are extremely active in the collecting world and we have several exciting announcements to be made at the meeting. Some of the up and coming events that we have on the calendar are another one day show and sales day at the Woolston Club riding on the success of the previous events our Facebook advertising certainly worked with record numbers of eager bargain hunters flooding through the doors and spending up large we had new collectors at the sales tables and an amazing array of things to look at on the displays We are also hosting the 46th NATIONAL ANTIQUE BOOTLE & COLLECTABLES SHOW & AUCTION in September We are launching the Club Book for that show so watch that space We are looking for a vibrant energetic team to be on our committee and encourage you to think about how you can contribute to our fantastic club we are passionate about our hobby and would love you to share that passion by getting involved and supporting those that do put up their hand we need support folk to help once in a while with tea and coffee serving and doing a few dishes setting up the hall prior to our meetings (you know there isn’t really any fairies out there) it has to be one of us so please lend a hand Each club night we hold a raffle please do not forget to put a few $1 coins in your pocket and help support the club Its usually fruit or a meat raffle this week is going to be a surprise. RECENTLY ACQUIRED ITEMS ONLY TONIGHT So please do not hesitate to bring along any gems you may have recently acquired and full the tables. Due to it being the AGM we are not having a themed item for collectables or bottles. The Club magazine hard copies will be distributed tonight at the meeting other wise you should receive it via email please check you junk or spam boxes as it is a large, attached file and we have had a few members tell us that they haven’t received previous editions, but it has been delegated to these boxes. THANKS AGAIN HUGH FOR A GREAT JOB and for wishing to continue as our Editor As a club we welcome New Members and look forward to seeing some new faces at the forth coming meeting, so bring a friend We look forward to preserving history and improving the collecting for the future.  If you would like to join the Facebook group, please go to here.