May 2021 Show reminder list

Show time reminder and checklist
Hall at Woolston club 43 Hargood street opens 7am Saturday 8th may
Access is up the main driveway and to the right follow the signs
There is no access on friday night
Things to remember.
Opens to the public at 10am (try to be ready to go by 9.30 as we had a queue by this time last year and we let them in early)
Please include table top coverings for both sales tables and your displays (display covers should go to the floor) to give a good effect and hide boxes and items stored beneath the tables
Signs and information for your displays; remember we like to inform the public  
Trolleys if you have your own, otherwise there are a couple of club members going to provide some on the day
Bring your float and plenty of change for the days trading there is an atm available in the main bar
Bring along your bags, wrapping paper and bubble wrap for items you sell
Bring your own coffee mug from home there will be free tea and coffee available to exhibitors and stall holders otherwise the club will have some paper cups only available
Don’t forget your hand sanitizer and wipes to keep safe in these uncertain times
Bring your lunch or snacks the shops are a wee way from the venue
There is cabinet food / full meals at the club but you need to be a member or affiliated to another club.
Please ensure you have your payment for your stall in the morning if you have not already paid.  collection of your envelope from helen with your display and stall number, and lanyards will be at the door
There will be a fresh produce raffle for public and participants at $2 per ticket
Dinner at the club will be in the area where we have had the sales & displays at  6pm.  tickets for the meal need to be paid to helen on the day $35 per person
Many thanks hoping you will have a great weekend