Club meeting - September

Hi Everyone. Well its that time again the club meeting is this weekend at 67 Mandeville Road looking forward to a great turnout as we have two great topics for the night Ephemera and what a great topic that is I am sure you will all be able to bring in that old ticket / poster / poster and make it a very interesting night
How many of you ever took a Thomas Cook holiday and still have the tickets or even the travel brochure – now a thing of the past
May be some one knows the history of Thomas Cook – started selling railway tickets and grew and now in 2019 sadly went bust stranded holiday makers all over the world and pushing Britain into repatriation of thousands of its citizens.


Or if paper is not really your thing and you rather like the crudeness of some of our early New Zealand pottery why not bring a piece along on Sunday night there is so much history in some of our early pottery works and some that have been and gone in my life time – one that springs to mind is the Bishopdale Pottery works in Nelson many a trip to sunny Nelson would see the back of the car full of pot plant holders and other garden ornaments.

Christchurch had some great names of the pottery world Luke Adams / ChCh Brick Co. Austin and Kirk to name but a few and some of the surrounding regions also Hamner/ Springfield/Homebush. Let’s see what we can full the tables with on Sunday

Whilst we are all making an effort for Sunday Night can I remind you that the Local Show is the following weekend and you all should be well underway with your displays and sales tables – get hunting the sheds the cupboards and dusting off things that need a new home to make way for your new collecting lines

I will be taking your last minute entries and dinner orders remember you must book prior to the event for dinner at the Harewood Tavern the menu is in the show schedule we have a separate area and it should be a great night after day one of our show in the new venue
Posters and signs are up and if you don’t see one in your area get active and put up the sign in your local library/ shop / drs/ dentist / just remember to ask first. If you have a prominent fence facing a main thru road ask the show committee to attach a sign for the week coming.

Thanks to all those that have entered already !! But there’s  so many more of you that could with a little effort could couple together a display or a metre of sales table or combine and have a booth so you can share the load  SO GET THOSE FORMS back to me

Just an update on the club book things are progressing extremely well and the end is near thanks to all those who have contributed and given your time  and expertise to the team we are all looking forward to the finished item ..

Raffles: this week there will be a Fresh Meat Raffle for $2 a ticket and the Memories Magazine at $1 per ticket
Door Entry. $3
Please don’t forget to pop some change in to your pockets on the way to the club night your door entry helps the club to subsidise the room hire – we don’t like to ask but unfortunately we do need this support.

Guest speakers if you know anyone who would be interested in speaking to our group let the committee know we would welcome their time and input.

If we wont see you on Sunday Night we look forward to seeing over the Local Show weekend October 5 & 6

Thanks Helen