These MARCA MONO/GUINNESS openers (see below) may be from the 1920’s and are frequently found in Australasia. The question is, to which country or countries was the product described on this bottle opener and the openers themselves originally sent?

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Various attempts to translate “MARCA MONO” to English have been made, including one that I have seen which comes out as "New Brand". Another is from Italian to English, which comes out as “Mono Brand" or "The One Brand” which would reflect promotion for “The One & Only – Guinness” (Labologist's Society). Another possibility is translation from Spanish to English, with "mono" meaning "monkey" and "marca" meaning "brand", e.g., "Guinness Extra Stout cerveza cristal Mono marca embotellado" translates from Spanish to English as "Guinness Extra Stout Beer Glass Monkey Brand Bottling", as seen here. Similarly, translation from Portuguese to English may also result in Monkey Brand.

"MARCA MONO" Guinness may have been intended for the Mediterranean market and "MARCA MONO" openers sent to that area along with the product as advertising. But, other possible markets could have been one of the 7 Portuguese-speaking or 21 Spanish-speaking countries around the world. And why are “MARCA MONO” openers frequently found in Australasia?

Monkey Brand (Sparks Moline) was sold in London and exported to Australia, NZ (research was carried out using the National Library of Australia newspapers using TROVE and the National Library of New Zealand's Papers Past, ) and Southeast Asia. But, was it sent to other places too? If the language is Spanish and the translation of “MARCA MONO” to Monkey Brand is correct, then we have to wonder if the intended market was a Spanish speaking country or countries in Southeast Asia (Philippines?).

Any feedback on where “MARCA MONO” Guinness was sent would be greatly appreciated. See here for more info on GUINNESS openers. Since this post was made, further considerations were given to "Monkey Brand" in Australasia on this forum, here.

Another Guinness brand sounding similar to  “MARCA MONO” is "MARCA BURRO", bottled by W. E. Johnson and Co., which translates as DONKEY BRAND in Spanish or Portuguese (see label). W. E. Johnson & Co sent MARCA BURRO or DONKEY BRAND to Brazil from 1869 and Melbourne in 1902 (Hughes, D, 2006. A Bottle of Guinness Please - The Colourful History of Guinness. Phimboy: Berkshire, England, pp 132-133). Perhaps MARCA MONO was sent to same destinations?