A possible new addition to the world list, submitted here for consideration. This opener is known, at least to Australian collectors.

Description and photos below.

DOGS HEAD BRAND/BASS'S AUSTRAL ALE, C2 98mm, loop shaped head, see below



Research was carried out using the National Library of Australia newspapers using TROVE. AUSTRAL ALE appears to have been sold in Aussie, see following ad., (some text is missing).

Townsville Daily Bulletin (Qld. : 1885-1954), Friday 25 October 1912, page 3

And this ad from The Brisbane Courier (Qld.: 1864-1933), Wednesday 20 December 1905, page 7

It sounds like, at least according to the 1905 ad, that AUSTRAL ALE was made and bottled in the UK and shipped to Aussie. I dont know if at a later stage it was ever actually produced and sold in Australia. Australia was clearly the intended market, so are we justified in listing this bottle opener under Australia?

Any feedback on AUSTRAL ALE would be most welcome.


The following ad explains that Tooheys Ltd were the agents in Sydney in 1911

Moree Gwydir Examiner and General Advertiser (NSW: 1901-1940), Friday 6 October 1911, page 7


This type of opener fits into the time frame for the advertisements

It would be interesting to see all the wording  for the advert   "specially brewed and bottled for ???"

 Re your question On the facts you have it would be fair to say the Ale and the opener was made for the Aussie market hence okay to call it Australian.

Just one final thought Would Bass have cast an opener just for one overseas market?

Thanks very much for your feedback, I agree it seems logical to place it in the Australia list. I've tried multiple times to get a complete version of that 1912 ad, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I will continue to search for more info.

Would they have cast an opener just for Aussie? Maybe, if the market was big enough. I haven't seen AUSTRAL ALE advertised elsewhere, but it doesn't mean it wasn't sent elsewhere. Maybe AUSTRAL ALE was also sold in the UK and the opener issued there as well? But its likely this opener fits into the group, like other DOGS HEAD products that were intended for overseas markets only.


FYI  ... the link below lead to an advertising reference to the elusive Bass's Austral Ale



Many thanks for your feedback Al, heres the ad from your Trove link to the Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld. : 1878 - 1954) Wednesday 13 May 1908, page 7. And the most interesting thing is it shows the use of crown caps, at such an early time too, 1908. Those little nip bottles really didn't hold much. Thanks again!